SMALL is the new big

This short video offers a helpful perspective about space and happiness. When thinking about a home consider how you can be efficient with space utilization and storage. 

For some, simplified life offers myriad quality of life benefits, including more time. 

We've become America the Big: big cars, big houses, big portions. But our happiness has not increased at the rate our materials have. Hear Graham Hill from the LifeEdited team share how to apply design, technology and behavioral change to create lifestyles that use less space and reap more happiness.

Paint, Love and Good Taste

When I first came to the real estate business one of earliest business cards brazenly declared Small is the BIG of the future. Seeing 229 Winnett Ave. with a client who is seeking to right size her life was a reminder of my interest in unusual real estate, and my gravity to small spaces. When I first showed 229 Winnett Ave. in 2009 the house had some issues, namely the awful carpeting in the main space and the dark and dated bathroom in the basement.

It seems that as the renovations on 229 Winnett Ave. are based in editing rather than replacement. The removal of the carpeting and painting of the pine subfloor in the living room make the space feel cleaner and more authentic.  The tastefully and spaciously renovated bathroom with great lighting is a major improvement. I recall there was an ordour when I showed it in 2009 (which may have been coming from the carpet) but otherwise the house is materially similar to what it was back in 2009, no structural changes, or expensive kitchen renovations, just paint, love and good taste in furnishings.

Take a look at these photos from the original listing compared with the renovated 2014 images. It is quite remarkable.