1971 Playboy Tells the Story of Quality of Life and Climate Change

Playboy 1971 tells the story or Quality of Life and Climate Change

Playboy 1971 tells the story or Quality of Life and Climate Change

I came across this issue of Playboy magazine while on a hunt for some pieces for staging a listing. I found this powerful article in its pages. The correlation of Quality of Life, Natural Resource availability with Economic Indices and Pollution levels is remarkable. 

It is clear when I read this 44 year old document that the persistent issues of Human sustainability  in our world today are the same as they were then. With almost half a century of understanding on these issues it astounds me that we have not moved to a Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) based economic model. 

For the Nihilist this article supports the outlook that science and capitalism have failed to deliver on the promise of making our lives better and protecting us from ourselves. If you are looking for hope it is here in the pages of an enlightened populist magazine. Simply we need to persist in advocating for the measure of Quality of Life as a key "Economic Indicator" and to include the cost of pollution in the economic balance sheets of our governments. 

Richard M. Koff 1971
Natural Resources and Quality of Life
Technology permits greater overshot  and Magnifies catastrophe.
Death of a Planet, Playboy 1971

Freedom - Practice in Life

Some of my favourite ideas come from Jean Paul Sartre, this little video is a great simplification of his work.

When I was on a date recently I noted Being and Nothingness on a bookshelf in the boudoir and immediately appreciated the promise of the date I was on.  How can we achieve Quality of Life for our constituents? Isn't this 'the' critical question?  Understanding that any future that is not designed with scrutinizing attention to the Quality of Life of people is a failure to take the problem of Climate, Energy and Water seriously.  Let's work together to adapt and mitigate risk and create a prosperous future.



Breaking Rules or Following

You don't need to know me well to understand that I don't follow rules. While some might perceive me to be heretical, I conform enough to not get into trouble (too often or too much). But where I win in life is in creating new ways to succeed that are smarter, more efficient, more intelligent and that conform where is it appropriate to do so.

Trial Of Suzuki

My friends Laurie Brown and David Donnelly have courageously partnereed on this historically important artistic installation at the Royal Ontario Museum. Visit the TrialofSuzuki.ca to get involved. This is an important project and it deserves your support. We have the power to influence.

For over 30 years, David Suzuki has been Canada’s most beloved scientist. But on October 9, he publicly accused the Canadian government, Canadian corporations, and even Canadian citizens of serious crimes against our country, environment and planet. Now, he will stand trial for those claims and defend his beliefs in front of the largest jury in history: Canada.

Watch the live stream here tonight at 8pm and then deliver your verdict.

The Trial of David Suzuki, created and produced by Laurie Brown in partnership with Donnelly Law, is presented by Cape Farewell and ROM Contemporary Culture, as part of Carbon 14: Climate is Culture and is supported by: Caroline Birks of Panicaro Foundation and John St. Special thanks to the David Suzuki Foundation.

Amy Cuddy - body language and your life

The ecopreneurship program that I developed for Seneca's Green Business Management pogram focusses on two key aspects of business, knowing your strengths & capitalizing on them, and failing & innovating on paper. Together these processes are central to successful ecopeneurship.

This short TED talk offers a crystal clear and usable perspective about building confidence in your physiology and psychology. When selling ideas you have one chance to nail your first impression.

Where is the Surprise in the Death of the Ocean?

I regularly read Dr. Seuse's the Lorax to my children at bedtime. The Onceler and the Lorax are at odds while water becomes fishless, the trees are harvested to the last timber, and the air is transformed into Smogular Smog. Yet as I speak with everyday people I do not excperience dispair, panic, sadness. All of these reactions are appropriate while we observe the death of the Ocean. The Seusian foreshadowing paints a picture worthy of the deepest kind of dispair.

I am left wondering if the leaders of the world are blind, corporations mindless, and individuals apathetic and selfish.

This talk offers some simple perspectives that while dire accurate many be conservitive in the urgency of the problem.

CleanTech and Smart Grids are compelling solutions and the "blue heart" of the planet dying is a dire and urgent call to action.

Inspired Thinking and Creative Expression are Powerful

Some of my earliest understandings of the influences of corporations on governments and in turn on the actions of consumers comes from author David Korten. This call to action, while tactically irrelevant to Canada uses expressive mechanisms to explan the problem that we face as Corporations influence Governments and Policies. This video is up there with Annie Leonard's the Story of Stuff in offering a picture into how the system can undermine the public interest globally.

Chamber.350.org from Hans Hansen on Vimeo.


The Economics of Happiness Mark Anielski

Mark Anielski, author of The Eonomics of Happiness, shares his perspective about needing to encourage people to pursue what makes them happy. For me this ties to the concept of Gross National Happiness - a concept I first researched in 1999, and which inspired many of my present outlooks and actions. What is particular compelling about Mark's perspectives are the practical everyday common sense of living with purpose, rather than working and consuming to buy things we don't need to make impressions that won't last on people we don't care about.