David Mowat talks about active transit and health

David Mowat is really getting at the core of the systemic problem. The way we built in the past is not reflective of the way we need to build in the future. We need to understand the complex inputs that affects our quality of life, in our homes and workplaces and in our communities. Where you live and work, and how you get around are direct influences on your quality of life. Your homes value is also connected to its proximity to amenities, and transit and commuting alternatives.

David Mowat For It's Your Move from TCAT on Vimeo.


An open letter to Don Cherry

The following letter, while visceral reaction to a tasteless political conversation at Toronto City Hall, articulates the importance of Complete Streets policy in Toronto and in every jurisdiction globally. We need to recognize that Bikes are part of the solution for decarboning the economy. We need to consider with humility that the Streets of Yesterday were designed by and for adults with cars, and the Streets of Tomorrow will be designed for maximum efficiency in creating cities that move, where all modes of travel are accessible and safe, including Walking, Cycling and Transit. by Dave Meslin on Wednesday, 08 December 2010 at 10:13 Dear Don, Congratulations on being chosen to introduce Mayor Ford on his first day at City Council. It's quite an honour. I think it's unfortunate that you used the opportunity to be divisive and fan the flames of partisan politics at City Hall. What our city needs, and wants, is a collaborative approach to decision making that attempts to take into account different perspectives and opinions.

Mayor-Elect Rob Ford Says 'Cyclists Should Not Ride on Roads With Cars'

Quite a contrast to Enrique Penolosa, Toronto Mayoral candidate Rob Ford believes streets are for Cars, Buses, and Trucks. to call him a Luddite is complimentary. If Ford wins this election I think I will chain myself to the first bike lane that he threatens to remove. Suddenly American cities such as Portland, Chicago and Denver are looking like better places to live than TO.