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OSEA Webinar Series - The Smart Grid October 25th



Marion Fraser, Fraser & Company

With 30 years of experience in the Ontario energy sector, Marion has worked for and consulted with a wide range of energy companies, associations and energy consumers.  She understands the Ontario energy sector, its recent evolution and future challenges.  She has earned a reputation as a leader in the sector with a strong record of participation on boards and committees at the national, provincial and municipal level.

Marion is considered one of the foremost practitioners of sustainable energy policy and programs in Ontario.  With 30 years of experience in the energy sector, she pioneered conservation programs at Ontario Hydro contributing to saving over 1200 MW of electricity from 1989 to 1993.  She applied this experience to an active consulting practice until she was recruited to head Enbridge Gas Distribution's conservation efforts where she spearheaded programs saving customers $700 million over three years and delivering a shareholder incentive of $13 million under an innovative regulatory framework which she helped establish.  When the McGuinty government was elected in 2003, although she had not been active politically, it hired Marion to ensure that sustainability was a key element in energy policy.


JM.jpgJoe Mulhall, Canadian Union of Skilled Workers (www.cusw.ca)

Joe brings over 40 years experience in the energy sector.  With a Masters Degree in Labour Studies from McMaster University, he is an electrician by trade. As President and the only full-time representative of Canadian Union of Skilled Workers, Joe has been successful in seeing CUSW celebrate its 10th year of being a strong and truly democratic union in 2009.

The ongoing restructuring of the Canadian economy with its emerging industries and technology propelled, constantly changing work environment simultaneously creates many new career opportunities, and changes the scope of skills necessary for workers to participate in the workplace. In response to the changing environment around us, members of CUSW have kept pace through involvement, training and education.  

CUSW members are educating themselves to be and are committed to working towards a safe and sustainable future.


jatin2.jpgJatin Nathwani, PhD, P.Eng., Professor and Ontario Research Chair in Public Policy and Sustainable Energy Management, Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Environment at the University of Waterloo. Executive Director WISE  (http://www.wise.uwaterloo.ca/)

Dr. Nathwani has extensive experience in the energy sector at the corporate level focusing on strategy and policy development, business planning for long term initiatives, contributions to the evolution of industry structure, management of regulatory affairs and environmental issues and timely integration of strategic R&D into business practice. Recently, he has been a contributor to the development of Ontario Power Authority's 'Integrated Power System Plan' focusing on the environmental and sustainability issues relevant to the planning process.

In support of the government policies on energy conservation and demand management and to create a true conservation culture in Ontario, he spearheaded the first major conservation and demand management initiative, including the largest North American pilot test of consumer propensity to conserve energy, and subsequent large scale deployment of the technology that enables reduction in energy use through "real time-feedback" of energy consumption.

Dr. Nathwani is also a member of the Ontario Smart Grid Forum, with members from Ontario's utility sector, industry associations, public agencies and universities.  The Forum's most recent report was released in May 2011 and makes a series of recommendations that focus on removing barriers to smart grid development and taking full advantage of its intended benefits. 


hris Chopik-97FINAL.jpgChris Chopik (http://www.chrischopik.com) is a trusted writer, speaker and leader. A career in sales and communications combined with a passion for technology and the environment contribute to Chris' unique framework for profitable thinking about sustainability. Chris' recent pioneering work in the green real estate marketplace have provided a strong understanding of the confluence of issues facing the economy and ecology that underpin our quality of life.

Chris offers dynamic perspectives of conventional business challenges in the hyper-evolutionary space of sustainability, energy-efficiency, and commercialization. Chris consults with many organizations to overcome obstacles, achieve commercialization milestones, and to tackle emerging markets. (http://evolutiongreen.com/speakers/chris-chopik/)