Where is the Surprise in the Death of the Ocean?

I regularly read Dr. Seuse's the Lorax to my children at bedtime. The Onceler and the Lorax are at odds while water becomes fishless, the trees are harvested to the last timber, and the air is transformed into Smogular Smog. Yet as I speak with everyday people I do not excperience dispair, panic, sadness. All of these reactions are appropriate while we observe the death of the Ocean. The Seusian foreshadowing paints a picture worthy of the deepest kind of dispair.

I am left wondering if the leaders of the world are blind, corporations mindless, and individuals apathetic and selfish.

This talk offers some simple perspectives that while dire accurate many be conservitive in the urgency of the problem.

CleanTech and Smart Grids are compelling solutions and the "blue heart" of the planet dying is a dire and urgent call to action.