Breaking Rules or Following

You don't need to know me well to understand that I don't follow rules. While some might perceive me to be heretical, I conform enough to not get into trouble (too often or too much). But where I win in life is in creating new ways to succeed that are smarter, more efficient, more intelligent and that conform where is it appropriate to do so.

I view my own success, shaping new perspectives and for measuring quality of life, and redefining ways of presenting value for clients is central to providing value. For example, for me, time spent on a bike is better than time spent in a car, money spent on experiences is better that money spent of stuff, quality is more important than price, and time spent living in loving relationships with friends, family, clients and myself are more important than anything money can buy. I bring this kind of prioritization to my real estate business and to my training and public speaking. In this short video Seth Godin frames choice beautifully.

If small is the BIG of your future, if less is the MORE of your future, if time is more important to you than money, if quality is more important to you that price please let me help you bring change the way you look at real estate. I can help you achieve a better lifestyle that caters to your individual quality of life through real estate.