Climate Response - Beyond Mitigation

Chris Chopik at Green Living.jpg

Chris is marketplace leader and futurist. Chris has completed an MDes in Strategic Foresight and Innovation from OCAD University. He studied a variety of topics including Climate Refugees, Climate Change, The Future of Seniors Care, Biophilic Design, and Climate Resilience. Chris is a skilled design researcher and facilitator and a passionate advocate for rapid adaptation to climate.

Prior to becoming a Realtor Chris lead an entrepreneurial career in sales and marketing which included publishing a national magazine and consulting on communications and compliance to some of north America’s largest companies. His career has put him at the centre of some of the most transformative communications and technology industries from fax to internet to social media Chris is consistently on the leading edge of emerging-market development. 

Chris is expert at innovation, problem solving, messaging, and pioneering new business value propositions. If your project is green and has the spark of transformative power Chris may be available to help.