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Chris is a leading expert on the emerging understanding of Climate Change and the impact it has on Real Estate Values in North America and around the world. Recently Chris completed an MDes in Strategic Foresight and Innovation, focussed on Climate-Risk and Property Value Impacts. Chris’ research focussed on property value risk-impacts from Flood, Wildfire, Wind, Sea-level Rise, and Heat/Drought.

For 15 years Chris has worked as an urban Realtor helping clients to optimize lifestyle considerations while investing in real estate. Chris provides clients with a clear process and straightforward advice about value, lifestyle and opportunity. Every property is different. With years of experience buying, selling, and renovating Chris has a keen eye for quality and opportunity.

Chris is an established expert, writer and speaker with unmatched expertise on nexus of sustainability and Real Estate. Chris has honed his expertise of sustainable building practices, municipal infrastructure and land use planning to provide expert advice to industry and individual property owners.

Chris has served as President of the Board of Directors of LEAF, the conservation chair for the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association, and has served many not for profit organizations as a volunteer advisor. Chris is well known for his zealous promotion of high-performance buildings, renewable energy, intermodal transit infrastructure and healthy houses. Chris is an advocate for mandatory energy disclosure in real estate.

Chopik values living locally and participating in his community, in Toronto, Canada. He is a single dad who prides himself on teaching fearlessness to his kids. 

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