Key Recomendations for Selling Green Homes and Condos

What can builders do to sell "green" more successfully?

Educate the resale market (and the broader consumer base). Grow some courage and re-imagine what consumers want. Don't be afraid to develop niches, sometimes owning an niche market is more profitable than trying to appeal to everyone, with a product that is just like ever other product on the market. 

The key recommendations that can affect the marketplace for high performance houses include:

1) Real Estate practitioners are receptive to valuing energy ratings. They own the home buyer and seller relationship. 

2) Realtors are the most effective communications channel to deliver the message that High Performance Homes are more valuable. 

3) This assertion can not be effectively measured without data being included in the MLS database. 

4) Appraisers and lenders can only use this information if it is available in the MLS database. 

5) Demand will grow with every advancement that brings the MLS together with Energy Ratings. 2015 is a perfect year to implement Time of Sale Energy Ratings. 

6) The new EnerGuide rating represents a tactical opportunity to move this agenda in 2015.

7) Put the self interest of the Realtor and customer at the centre of efforts to bring the resale industry on board. 

8) One under-utilized opportunity to help home owners choose high performance homes is to understand the market through the psycho-graphic profiles of potential buyers clearly and communicating the value to various.