Home Energy Labelling Developing Prominence in Real Estate

Everyone is talking about it: whether it’s organic food, energy star appliances, fuel efficient cars… but what about our homes? Over 76 per cent of our home energy use goes to heating and hot water – making the energy efficiency of our home a big factor in both greenhouse gas emissions and monthly utility bills. In response to consumer demand for knowing the energy efficiency of a home before buying – and supporting the Province’s greenhouse gas emission reduction targets – the Ministry of Energy and Mines, BC Hydro, the Victoria Real Estate Board, Capital Regional District and participating municipalities are launching a pilot project to make it easy for both sellers and buyers to share this information through a voluntary labelling system called EnerGuide for Houses.

Future Friendly Houses Are Worth More, Today and Tomorrow

Bottom Line , Future Friendly houses are worth more than energy hogs. If you are renovating make sure you take advantage of retrofit opportunities. Take pictures so you can show your potential purchasers the insulation in the walls, windows and doors. Ensure your Realtor understands the value of these improvements and can convey this value to a potential buyer.