Environmental Commissioner of Ontario on Mandatory Energy Audits

Those of you who have followed my work will know that I spent much of the first decade of the millennium working to achieve market transformation with Home Energy Labelling in the Real Estate marketplace in Canada. My work continues in this field today as an instructor to the Real Estate Industry, as writer and with www.KnowYourEnergyScore.ca. I am off to speak at the Appraisal Institute of Canada's National Conference about how to value energy in the Real Estate market.

As we hear from Gord Miller the impetus for Home Energy Labelling is growing and our effort to bring home energy efficiency to the Real Estate marketplace continues. While I am in favour voluntary labelling, Ontario's @EcoCommish shows a clear  argument for mandatory building labelling. 'Consumer protection happens on every other product - why not on your home.'

see more from the Gord Miller here: http://www.eco.on.ca/

Download the report: Restoring the Ballance

See the press conference


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