Realtor Supports Green Energy Act and House Labelling

B150 is an important piece of legislation.

The time of sale energy label is of particular importance to achieving the
13.8% energy production target from conservation.

I teach Realtors all over the province about climate change and energy
inflation. The consistent feedback regarding energy efficiency is that the
market is apathetic or uneducated about energy issues when purchasing.

Bill150 has the power to enable Ontario Realtors to put a value on home energy
efficiency, from insulated walls to GeoThermal heating systems, disclosure of
household energy performance is paramount to monetising energy efficiency at
time of sale. 

Myriad objections have been asserted by industry associations such as OREA and
TREB. In reviewing their objections, many of the points are based on lack of
clear information, misunderstanding, or resistance to change.

An objection which has been raised is that Home Inspections are not mandatory.
The reality is that the market force of litigation is the reason for the
success of Home Inspection. Home Inspection is unlike energy performance. There
is no market force that will generate accelerated adoption of retrofit and
conservation with the same efficacy as mandatory time of sale energy labelling.

Finally, the feed in tariff program will benefit Ontario home owners, land
owners and other residents. The electricity grid stability and the future
quality of life of Ontarians will improve with rapid development of renewable
energy in Ontario. The entire act is an exceptional piece of public policy that
shows competent and forward thinking leadership by Premier McGuinty and
Minister Smitherman.