The LORAX the Original Advocate of the Urban Forest

It's no accident that The Lorax is one of my kid's favorite Seusian tales.

The original, describes a deplorable future where industrial effluent and the regret of the Onceler are pitted against the passionate fury of The Lorax, "who speaks for the Trees" and advocates for the "Brown Barbaloots" and "Swanny Swans" and "Humming Fish" and their diverse habitat.

If your Children are inspired by The Lorax and want to make a real difference in the health of our local forests consider exploring programming offered by LEAF, Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests. Their experience in Urban Forestry and Advocacy for the trees are right up there with the Lorax's.

I wonder if David Suzuki was considered for the voice of the Lorax?

What's with Mazda co-opting the Lorax brand to sell cars - Universal Studios what were you thinking? The comments are really interesting.


As board member of Toronto's leading Urban Forestry organization Chris is proud ot be the MC of the 15th anniversary party being held at Steam Whistle Brewery.

Come enjoy:

  • complimentary hors d'oeuvres
  • cash bar - Steam Whistle Beer and Lifford Wine
  • indoor urban forest with LIVING trees and shrubs
  • door prize - $500 in travel with VIA Rail
  • silent auction, including items donated by:
    • Coach House Books
    • Grassroots Environmental Products
    • Greentea Design
    • Merchants of Green Coffee
    • Metro Toronto Zoo
    • Northern Skies Outpost Cabin
    • Ontario Natural Food Coop
    • Outpost Magazine
    • Planet in Focus
    • SAS Canada
    • The Stop
    • Toronto and Region Conservation
    • Urban Harvest
    • Local Artists
      • Laura Berman - GreenFuse Photos
      • Michelle Bourdeau
      • Natalie Castellino
      • Ryan Halpenny
      • Ruthanne Henry
      • Martin Reis