Trial Of Suzuki

My friends Laurie Brown and David Donnelly have courageously partnereed on this historically important artistic installation at the Royal Ontario Museum. Visit the TrialofSuzuki.ca to get involved. This is an important project and it deserves your support. We have the power to influence.

For over 30 years, David Suzuki has been Canada’s most beloved scientist. But on October 9, he publicly accused the Canadian government, Canadian corporations, and even Canadian citizens of serious crimes against our country, environment and planet. Now, he will stand trial for those claims and defend his beliefs in front of the largest jury in history: Canada.

Watch the live stream here tonight at 8pm and then deliver your verdict.

The Trial of David Suzuki, created and produced by Laurie Brown in partnership with Donnelly Law, is presented by Cape Farewell and ROM Contemporary Culture, as part of Carbon 14: Climate is Culture and is supported by: Caroline Birks of Panicaro Foundation and John St. Special thanks to the David Suzuki Foundation.